Heads up!

Hi guys, we see a lot of people struggling with the recent TIME ZONE CHANGE in the United States, and with the upcoming time zone change in Europe (March 26th). If you see incorrect times in the appointments booked after Daylight Savings Time starts, the time zone of your WordPress site needs to be adjusted.

Please check out THIS ARTICLE about the time zones in Amelia.


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berkay01 What happen I don't Know but everything not working properlyClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 13, 2018 at 1:28pm   10 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:HI Berkay,No I did not change anything on your site.I logged in successfully and go to that page and everything was working fine.Best regards. jesusdf WpData TablesClosed   Powerful Filters for wpDataTables   Updated April 13, 2018 at 11:21am   4 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:Hi jesusdf,Unfortunately you can not change ID of the users that the WordPress is assigning them.As and admin you can see all of other users entries but you can not change the ID of them.You can find ... Miquel Integration between WpDataTables and Gravity Forms nested formsClosed Pre-purchase questions for wpDataTables   Updated April 13, 2018 at 11:12am   4 Most recent comment from [deleted]:Hi Miquel,I have tested it and I see that it is possible to create just two wpDataTables. So I don't think it is possible that what you want to achieve.1. First table created from Parent Form:2. Seco ... kindredx Time FormatClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 13, 2018 at 10:17am   5 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:Hi kindredx,Glad to heart that you found a solution, good job.As I said seconds are not supported yet in our plugin and we are looking to add this for our next updates of the plugin which I hope that ... Robert Barnes get_wdtable causing 502 errorsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 13, 2018 at 8:37am   6 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:HI Robert,Let me know if you have more details about this.Best regards. Hamed display users with rolesClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 12, 2018 at 3:07pm   8 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:Hi Hamed,If you take a look at our documentation you will see this noticePlease note that MySQL query constructor is not an ‘ultimate generator’, it should be treated as helper for constructing a ... danbarejr handling errorsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 12, 2018 at 2:20pm   13 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:HI Dan,I forwarded this to my team as long as your scenarios below so hopefully we can find a solution for this.Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.Best regards. focamanagement Bad Request 0Closed   wpDataTables   Updated April 12, 2018 at 10:52am   2 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:Hi focamanagement,Thank you for your purchase.Please provide me a temporary WP-admin login for your site where this happens, so we could log in and take a look ‘from the inside’ as that’s the m ... perthfestival AttachmentsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 12, 2018 at 10:20am   2 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:HI perthfestival,Thank you for your purchase.You can make  column and set column type to the string and then insert html tags for link and in href insert the path to that document that you need and ... Andy Howden How to carry data from one form to another.Closed   wpDataTables   Updated April 12, 2018 at 8:11am   4 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:Hi Andy,Yes I understand what you are trying to achieve, but unfortunately that is not possible with built in features of plugin. sonics27 Bar chart Label no permanent viewClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 11, 2018 at 4:20pm   2 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:HI sonics27,Thank you for your purchase.Sorry but I did not quite understand what are you trying to achieve. Can you please describe me more or send me some example/screenshot so I can give you my su ... ChRamseier Multiple ParagraphsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 11, 2018 at 3:36pm   14 Most recent comment from ChRamseier:Perfect.  Thanks, I was just a bit scared... I never noticed the Editor before.  :-)  All I could imagine so far is that the files are accessible through FTP only. natunbarosh data labelClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 11, 2018 at 9:18am   7 Most recent comment from sonics27:hi how to show data label in every bar in chart permanently even i would like to print awoodwell Conditional FormattingClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 11, 2018 at 6:18am   2 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:Hi awoodwell,Thank you for your purchase.Can you please take a screenshot on what you mean so i can see it and then I will gave you my suggestion? Slim Bouafif Search regular expressions with the Javascript APIClosed   wpDataTables   Updated April 11, 2018 at 5:58am   5 Most recent comment from Isidora Markovic:HI Slim,I am glad that you found a solution.We support most of the datatables features which you can find in our documentation.We carefully follow customers requirements and try to implement most of ...