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Kavoos Stark How can I get Slack Notifications on Amelia?   Amelia   Updated 2 minutes ago   1 Florian Evenlist frontend images   Amelia   Updated 7 minutes ago   4 AmeliaElemenpros Is it possible to include a new field in the booking form?   Amelia   Updated 13 minutes ago   2 Stratton Pricing Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 19 minutes ago   2 Juan Some static text not in correct lang   Amelia   Updated 26 minutes ago   9 Emanuel Whatsapp Contact Variable - Client's Numbers   Amelia   Updated 57 minutes ago   4 Christophe Calendar time slot   Amelia   Updated 1 hour ago   2 Rodolfo Diniz Agenda   Amelia   Updated 2 hours ago   2 Evan Subscription   Amelia   Updated 2 hours ago   2 Azin Mehrjou appointments   Amelia   Updated 2 hours ago   7 Hank Packages are gone   Amelia   Updated 2 hours ago   2 Hassan Mismatched booking timings on front end and CMS   Amelia   Updated 2 hours ago   2 Andras Szekely Double YAxis - Merge   wpDataTables   Updated 4 hours ago   2 Linda Amelia booking form is not loading Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 4 hours ago   8 Daniel Mercury need help setting up Amelia for my needs   Amelia   Updated 4 hours ago   14