Please note that standard item support does not include:

  • Customization services;
  • Installation services;
  • Writing MySQL queries (for wpDataTables plugin);
  • Writing advanced CSS;
  • Resolving and debugging third party software and hardware issues;
  • Preparing files and tables;
  • Skype, Teamviewer calls or etc.

Public Tickets

Javier Mandrille Event details at checkout   Amelia   Updated 11 minutes ago   6 Most recent comment from Javier Mandrille:I did the implementation by adjusting the name of the hidden fields and eliminating the TIME one, since I understand that datetime gives me the date and time of the event.Then I made a test purchase b ... Uriahs Dropdown filters long   wpDataTables   Updated 22 minutes ago   1 Most recent comment from Uriahs:The dropdown filter extends past its column and the width of the page, see the screenshot1The issue is cased by a min-width: 100% style from the Bootstrap file that WpDatatables includes that targets ... Adina J Docter notifications not working   Amelia   Updated 4 minutes ago   2 Most recent comment from Adina J Docter:p.s. Even when notifications were "working," the only one that worked was the confirmation email. We added our SMTP, thinking that would help. Now none of the notifications are going out. tysm Adina J Docter I need to book 90 min seconds   Amelia   Updated 28 minutes ago   7 Most recent comment from Adina J Docter:Hi Stefan, I just sent you a pw reset link. I hope that works! Also, while you are in there, I am posting another ticket about my notifications. Maybe you can check that as well. (I know it is one que ... Pankaj Choursia Need to buy Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 29 minutes ago   1 Most recent comment from Pankaj Choursia:hello Team,zombiebarber.comI am the developer of this website and we are having difficulty in double appointments for same time and those double entries not showing on backend as well.So our last deve ...