Please note that standard item support does not include:

  • Customization services;
  • Installation services;
  • Writing MySQL queries (for wpDataTables plugin);
  • Writing advanced CSS;
  • Resolving and debugging third party software and hardware issues;
  • Preparing files and tables;
  • Skype, Teamviewer calls or etc.

Public Tickets

Shea Thompson Google Sync Availability   Amelia   Updated 10 hours ago   1 Most recent comment from Shea Thompson:So I've synced up my google calendar to an employee, and the sync seems to be stable now. However, I have several calendars plugged into that google calendar account under 'Other Calendars&# ... Lina Grebe Course instructors are not displayed   Amelia   Updated 13 hours ago   7 Most recent comment from Lina Grebe:Hello,I looked into the settings again and deactivated the following points under "Activation Settings":Load entities when loading the pageEnable use for older IE browsersNow both the new form seems t ... Jeremy Hanke Stripe   Amelia   Updated 16 hours ago   4 Most recent comment from Jeremy Hanke:Is there a way to send my clients receipts from the Amila side of the booking process?  Israel Arredondo Coonect REST API   wpDataTables   Updated 19 hours ago   3 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:Hi Israel,I am delighted to hear that this has been resolved. Thank you for letting us know. Anything else that we could assist with, please don't hesitate to create new tickets. Have a great da ... Rodolfo Antonio Gallegos Rosende My purchase expires!!! Pre-purchase questions for wpDataTables   Updated 19 hours ago   22 Most recent comment from Miloš Jovanović:Hi Rodolfo Antonio,Thank you for confirming what happened. No problem at all.I am able to log in as an Administrator and see the back-end WP-admin on the site https://www.ecomercio.eu/wp-admin/;but ...