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Joy Creating users from their user id   wpDataTables   Updated 8 hours ago   3 Travis Henry changing hyperlink value based on cell contents   wpDataTables   Updated 10 hours ago   1 Amanda Table filtering   wpDataTables   Updated 11 hours ago   3 Alexander Narozhnyy parsing digital values   wpDataTables   Updated 13 hours ago   4 John Data entry validation   wpDataTables   Updated 13 hours ago   9 Ken Wallace Show Dates as MM/DD/YYYY not DD/MM/YYYY   wpDataTables   Updated 14 hours ago   2 stigbarrett Activation   wpDataTables   Updated 16 hours ago   3 Dwayne Yount Frontend editing & Form submit to table   wpDataTables   Updated 16 hours ago   2 Maria Laustsen WPDATATABLES PREMIUM   wpDataTables   Updated 19 hours ago   2 blueelcipse Creating a table with user data/meta using "Generate a query to WordPress database"   wpDataTables   Updated 19 hours ago   2 Francesca_M error csv and xlsx   wpDataTables   Updated 19 hours ago   11 John Unique table entries   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   7 Tibor Udvari wpDataTables REST API   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   4 Michel ter Stege x-axis formatting   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   19 Eric can't connect to separate database   wpDataTables   Updated 5 days ago   2