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Jeremy Woocommerce Product Table   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   2 Andrew Class Id to style mulitple tables from 1 stylesheet.   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   11 Weol Immo DataCharts   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   7 Mitchell Knights Slow response from large SQL query   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   10 Venice Ann Cuevas Activity Log   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   12 Alexandru Chart with parameters   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   4 Jeremie Customize Table : fixed first colum   wpDataTables   Updated 2 days ago   10 Mihu Ugrade to Premium from Lite   wpDataTables   Updated 3 days ago   4 Falko Haenschke Conditional formatting - Today placeholder   wpDataTables   Updated 3 days ago   2 Bob Filter issue   wpDataTables   Updated 3 days ago   2 David Customising charts beyond basic builder optionsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   4 Jason King Foreign key column search issue   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6 Kahlil Nagi Server Side Search Issue   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6 Andrzej Trzcinski The problem with creating a table and a chart with highlighting % values, negative values, as well as highlighting the highest and lowest values in a given row of the table with color   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6 Ross Auto-Increment Column   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6