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Justin Hollender Is it possible to show specific rows?   Pre-purchase questions   Updated 3 weeks ago   5 michiiee “Gravity Form” as the Input data source type not available   Gravity Forms integration for wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   2 MacrobioClaudeM Probleme translate Amelia   Pre-purchase questions   Updated 3 weeks ago   6 stevedenton Error   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   2 lesliewright531 Looking for these options...   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   19 nkengagborshop How do I integrating google geochart Interactivemap with your plugin   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   4 cpshart Add or Edit a Table Row MySQL   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   5 LarryDaniele Custom Views (set of canned Columns and Filters)   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   4 fatemeh q export excel from chart in a period of time   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   4 mfalraii resize the images in the table by CSS   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   17 phofstetter List -> Detail PopUp   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   3 PagePaul2 PHP insert vs Shortcode   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   2 ILikeWordPress date picker translation   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   5 Faizan Show applied filters so user can cancel 1 by one   wpDataTables   Updated 3 weeks ago   4 Samz851 NOT WORKING   Amelia   Updated July 23, 2018 at 3:55pm   10