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jamie Amelia front end issue Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 3 days ago   8 Christopher Wieber Bug: Availability still showing in Step-by-Step Booking 2.0, even though employee has days off.   Amelia   Updated 3 days ago   3 Mike How to edit Emilia rollesClosed   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   2 Djente Gorter Amelia not sending emails   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   2 David Customising charts beyond basic builder optionsClosed   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   4 Elion Display serviceClosed   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   4 Laurent API REST   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   12 Yann missing translation - Recurring Appointment   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   2 Denis Option in Amelia WP Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   4 Sandeepa Intgration questions before suggesting the Amelia solution to a client Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   4 Jason King Foreign key column search issue   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6 Mitch Rayborn Notifications   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   7 James Turner making sticky columns and rows   Master-Detail Tables for wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   2 Kahlil Nagi Server Side Search Issue   wpDataTables   Updated 4 days ago   6 Mario Hartmann Resend confirmation mail or/and zoom Link   Amelia   Updated 4 days ago   2