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Matt Melton Custom Styles   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   4 Lucas Change my hours in x months   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Promsy Célia set the service on fixed schedules   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   1 Stephen Smith advanced filtering, hide on mobile   wpDataTables   Updated 7 hours ago   3 Paal Joachim Ordering av Custom Fields related to other booking fields.   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Paal Joachim Global Company Work hours   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   4 Patrick Bug-Report   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   9 Leo Can't customize fields   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   1 Ron Poppen Get rid of last button (Form Flow Step 5 )Closed   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   5 Jeff Mauget "Back to Services" link and arrow missing   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   5 Jason Long Long Editing Events   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   14 Miroslav Kulanga Please stop deleting translations on updates   wpDataTables   Updated 7 hours ago   9 Miroslav Kulanga Track filter selections   wpDataTables   Updated 8 hours ago   6 Lina Grebe Deposit not possible   Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   3 Mikey Haklander Let admin overbook appointments or book appointments after workinhoursClosed   Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   4