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BFM Day placeholder   Amelia   Updated 22 hours ago   2 Maxime SANCHEZ Email notification and sms don’t work   Amelia   Updated 22 hours ago   6 Zeba Lyra Euzebyo Table relations foreign-key doesn't work on PostgreSQL Pre-purchase questions for wpDataTables   Updated 22 hours ago   36 Michal Chart.js datalabes → Plugin   wpDataTables   Updated 22 hours ago   7 Michal Filter Range is not updated with data update   wpDataTables   Updated 22 hours ago   7 Maxime SANCHEZ Impossible to access customer pannel   Amelia   Updated 23 hours ago   9 Debbie Hughes Hughes HIGH PRIORITY: CANNOT SCHEDULE APPOINHTMENTS FOR NEXT 7 DAYS   Amelia   Updated 23 hours ago   9 Yash Kanthale Location Issue   Amelia   Updated 23 hours ago   23 Malzom Remove Employee Name from the woocommerce invoice   Amelia   Updated 23 hours ago   2 MITSUTAKA KOUNO About the cancellation page   Amelia   Updated 23 hours ago   2 Derek AN ERROR APPEARED AFTER PURCHASE AND I CAN'T GO ON   wpDataTables   Updated 23 hours ago   4 Dimitris Vayenas Functionality/Documentation   wpDataTables   Updated 23 hours ago   3 alexis denorme ask for technical information   Amelia   Updated 1 day ago   2 Amol Time slots in Amelia   Amelia   Updated 1 day ago   7 Jessica After hour fee   Amelia   Updated 1 day ago   2