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Jeffrey Kimel Kimel Customer Panel Resch   Amelia   Updated 5 hours ago   3 April Kennedy Formatting   wpDataTables   Updated 6 hours ago   7 Alexia Notification are not updated and settings SMTP   Amelia   Updated 6 hours ago   9 Tony Valverde Amelia payment and reservation does not proceed   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Bruce Scott Filtered Date is not showing correctly   Powerful Filters for wpDataTables   Updated 7 hours ago   30 fernando Code Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Ute [ameliabooking trigger=bookselectedteacher category=1 employee=um_profile_id()​]   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Kolbjorn Ursin Can't map users to new employees​Can't map users to new emplyees   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   16 Tony Valverde AMELIA REFUND QUESTION   Amelia   Updated 7 hours ago   5 Angel Book Appointment not working   Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   7 Natalie Calixte Upgrading to Pro   Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   6 Alvin Goh Security vulnerability with bootstrap and jquery   wpDataTables   Updated 8 hours ago   1 Andrea Lughi Import excel file   wpDataTables   Updated 8 hours ago   5 Samuel Multiple Phone Numbers per Customer   Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   2 Glenn Stevens automated credit note? Pre-purchase questions for Amelia   Updated 8 hours ago   1