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  • Tim started the conversation


    I tested multiple Woocommerce invoice add-ons but i can't seem to get the booking information on the invoice (time, date, etc). I really need to add this to the invoice for insurance purpose.

    Is there a way to do this?

    The plugin i really want to use for generating the invoice is Booster for Woocommerce.

    Hope you guys can help me out.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hello Tim, 

    Thank you for your purchase. 

    There is an option for sending invoices from WooCommerce directly, without any additional add-ons/plugins, and you can see here how is that setup. We can't guarantee if and how Amelia will work with additional WooCommerce plugins or add-ons, unfortunately. The integration is made for the WooCommerce plugin, and there are many many add-ons and additional plugins. Please check out the invoicing option in Woo, as the Amelia appointments' information are shown in these invoices. 

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

  • Tim replied

    Hi Marija,

    Thank you for your reply. 

    The problem is that i see the Amelia information in Woocommerce, but not on the PDF invoice. Do you know a invoice addon that shows the Amelia information on the PFD generated invoice?

  • [deleted] replied

    You are welcome, Tim. 

    No, unfortunately, I don't, I guess they take only the Product name from WooCommerce and show only that and Amelia doesn't have integration with any such add-on/plugin.

    If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to open a new ticket and we will gladly help.

  • Tim replied

    Hi Marija,

    Thanks again for your reply. That is a bummer because in order for the clients of our customers (we plan on adding Amelia to all of the 300+ sites that we manage), a PFD invoice is necessary to get money back from their insurance. Our customers are mostly working in the healthcare sector. 

    I also think that they only take the product name from Woocommerce. Do you what the date/time info is, that is displayed in the Woocommerce orders? Does it have a tag/class/id/shortcode of its own. 

    It looks like its part of the product-name but is must be defined somehow. Do you guys have any idea on how i can import the info from my database?

    Looking forward to a reply!

  • [deleted] replied

    Hello Tim,

    You are welcome. 

    I know that with the invoices sending option directly from WooCommerce, information about Amelia/appointment are sent as well. So, I am not sure why WooCommerce isn't transferring these information to these other plugins as well, maybe they take the Product name only from WooCommerce.

    The information sent from Amelia to WooCommerce are in the file WooCommerceService.php at location




    So, you can check it out there if that could help you somehow.

  • Richard Mourton replied

    Hi Tim,

    Apologies for resurrecting this thread but I have come across the same issue and was wondering if you managed to resolve this?

    Many thanks,


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    Joas Schurer replied

    Hi Richard, 

    Tim doesn't work with us anymore, but we let a developer build this feature for us.

    So there is no standard solution as far as I know. 

  • Richard Mourton replied

    Hi Joas,

    Thank you for coming back to me - think I'll have to write something!

    Many thanks again,


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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Richard and Joas.

    Since this ticket was created, our development team added the Description and MetaData in Settings/Payments section in Amelia.

    Basically, you can use our notification placeholders to change the description for WooCommerce. When you modify it, the cart data and the order's description will change according to the description you added in Settings/Payments.

    If the PDF is pulling the data from WooCommerce's order, it should be able to pull all this data that you've added to the description.

    Kind Regards, 

    Aleksandar Vuković

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