New Services not seen on the front-end

Date: November 12, 2021

If you added a service, and you don't see it on the front-end, please check these points:

  1. Is the service visible?

    1. Each service has a slider "Show Service on Site" - make sure that's enabled:
  2. If this slider is enabled - check if the employee is assigned to the service.

    1. When you create a service, you need to assign it to an employee, but the employee can be unassigned from the service in Amelia/Employees/Employee's Profile/Assigned Services tab - check if the box next to the new service is checked.
  3. If the employee is assigned to the service, switch to the Work Hours tab of the employee, and see how the work hours have been configured.

    1. Work hours can be configured per individual services, or periods, so if you created working hours for your employee, and assigned services to those working hours, the new service will not be added in there by default. An example of work hours with assigned services looks like this:
    2. When you click on the pencil symbol and expand the "Services" drop-down, you can actually see that there's a service that's not been selected (the new service, titled "Second" in the screenshot):

  4. Is the employee maybe assigned to another location?
    1. Each employee needs to be assigned to a default location. If you hide that Location in Amelia/Locations, the employee will not be able to provide services on that location, so either go to Amelia/Locations and un-hide the location or assign the employee to another location.
  5. Check the shortcode on the front end.
    1. Amelia has Services and Categories, so you could've added a category-specific shortcode on the front-end, which doesn't include the new service. For example, if you used [ameliabooking category=1], and you added the service to Category with ID: 2, the new service from category 2 will not appear in the front-end.
    2. Is the shortcode on the front-end, maybe employee-specific. Check for [ameliacatalog employee=1] and make sure that the employee is assigned to the service, or if you don't want that - set the default shortcode [ameliacatalog].

[ameliabooking category=1] and [ameliacatalog employee=1] are just examples of our shortcodes, and they're used to provide examples in this Article.