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Payment link not asking for all appointment payments at once


  • Kathrine Johnson started the conversation

    Hi, openIng a separate ticket but it’s a continuation of my question from my last ticket.

    Regarding the payments, For the payment of multiple appointments, I understand I need to select ‘customers will have to pay for all appointments at once’ and I have done so.

    Appointments are $40 each so ten should be $400. When I put 10 appointments through the checkout as a guest it charges $400 no problem.

    However, when I set up a block of 10 recurring appointments as pending and send a payment link, The issue I have is this: the payment link comes through and only asks for the first appointment to be paid, not all of them. So it’s only asking for $40, not $400, even when i have require all appointments to be paid at once selected.

    And if I go into customer panel, they have the option to pay each appointment separately even though I’ve selected all must be paid at once…

    Thank you,


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    Uroš replied

    Hello Kathrine,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I could not replicate this issue from my end.

    Please provide me a temporary WP-admin (administrator) user for your site where this happens, so we could log in and take a look ‘from the inside’ as that’s the most efficient way to see and resolve the issue. 

    We do not interfere with any data or anything else except for the plugin (in case that’s a production version of the site), and of course, we do not provide login data to third parties. 

    You can write credentials here just check PRIVATE Reply so nobody can see them except us.

    Kind Regards, 

    Uros Jovanovic
    [email protected]

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