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Zoom links in notifications


  • George started the conversation

    I have zoom linked to my account and in the settings for the services(2) I have enabled zoom under "integrations". Here is my notification with the zoom placeholder:

    You have successfully scheduled %service_name% appointment with Rich Walden at breathingwiththemarkets.com. Your appointment is on %appointment_date_time% Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7).

    To join the meeting please use this link: %zoom_join_url%

    The zoom links do not show in the email notifications. I also have a few events and those DO show the zoom links in the email notifications but the appoints do not show the link in the emails, it's just blank. 

    I will also send a login in a private response since I see you sometimes ask for that. 

  •   George replied privately
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    Stefan replied

    Hi George,

    Thanks for reaching out to us and for providing the access link. For some reason, your employee wasn;t connected to the Zoom account user. I've just checked and connected the right one. It looks like the Zoom integration is properly configured (especially if the links are visible for events), but feel free to test it out again for the appointments and let me know if it works. 

    Kind Regards, 

    Stefan Petrov
    [email protected]

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  • George replied

    I had changed the zoom account after initial testing and forgot to update the employee. Thanks for the quick reply and even making the update for me :) Awesome product support!!

  •   Stefan replied privately