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sync file question


  • jamal started the conversation


    i have an shared excel file , is it possible with wp datatable to sync my shared excel file (my excel file is in onedrive and have right to write and all access ) .

    i already test with google spreadsheet is working but shared excel file not working .

    i need help please


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    Miloš replied


    Sorry to disappoint you, but you won't be able to store a file on OneDrive or SharePoint and have an URL like that linked or imported to our Tables.

    In regards to connecting an URL from any domain for CSV or Excel files;

    Basically there are two options when selecting a file source path;

    From the WP Library or from any Domain;

    1. If you choose from WP Library, then it needs to be on the same domain as WordPress;

    2. but if you choose from any URL - then the main point is that the file path needs to be directly accessible online.

    That means no login is required to access that path;

    and also this path needs to end with the file name and the file extension.

    So, something like : https://someWebsite/someDirectory/fileName.xls

    that will work.

    If your current file path does not end with the CSV/or Excel extension, that will not work.

    At the moment, we don't have a way to change that, but if you wish, you can make a future development suggestion for the option of having a file on SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive and having that as data source URL, but I can't say a realistic ETA if or when that might be available.

    Please feel free to search on our suggestions page

     to see if someone may be already suggested this feature. If you can't see it, feel free to add your suggestion there,  and as more people vote, the feature will move higher on the priority list.

    You can certainly follow our changeLog page if you'd like ( it is also available in the plugin dashboard), where we state any changes/new features/bug fixes during updates;

    and our newsletter, so you're informed about new features, bug fixes, freebies, etc.

    Let me know if that makes sense.

    Kind Regards, 

    Miloš Jovanović
    [email protected]

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