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  • Drew Lauck started the conversation

    when printing tables generated using your plugin, I used the icons on the screen that were generated using your plugin, the table does not print using the print media query styles that were assigned to the page.  We tried adding import statements using your css/js interface and it still did not work (see attached)

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    Miloš replied

    Hi Drew,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not possible to export any styles or formatting from a table to our Export Table Tools.

    We will elaborate in more details, there are multiple limitations for this feature :

    Regarding the export subject :

    The table tools functionalities are based on a 3rd party HTML5 library and they are not customizable. Unfortunately, the library allows very little “fine-tuning” of the generated files, so font, size, and other properties cannot be changed.

    There are some limitations in this library we will emphasize for your awareness:

    • For tables with server-side processing, only the visible rows will be exported to any format. If you want the entire table to be exported (or copied to a clipboard), you need to choose the “Show All” feature in the “show … entries” block, and then do the export:6992668217.png
    • Generated PDF, XLS, CSV are not customizable. Unfortunately, the library allows very little “fine-tuning” of the generated files, so font, size, and other properties cannot be changed (but the title can – see below).
    • Conditional formatting is not reflected in any of generated export files.
    • Other front-end extensions cannot be combined with Table Tools. If you have row grouping enabled for the table, or there are some customizations you did yourself, they won’t be reflected in the generated Excel, CSV or PDF document, nor in the clipboard.
    • When you export tables with the wpDataTables plugin, please note that you can export values, but not formulas. WpDataTables doesn’t support exporting formulas, so a Formula column will be exported only with values; and any calculations of Average, MIN, MAX, and Total will not be exported at all.
    • Exporting images is not possible at the moment, but you are able to export them as HTML with the new “Include HTML” option.
    • You can’t export columns that are hidden – they will not be visible in any exporting or printing tool.
    • Export numbers with comma as decimal separators have issues in the Excel report. Please use the CSV export button or change column type to string for these columns.


    If you wish to try better PDF export features, our advice would be to acquire something similar to the WP Advanced PDF plugin, which offers a lot more options when creating PDF files from our tables, along with other content on your website.

    Kind Regards, 

    Miloš Jovanović
    [email protected]

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