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Customer Account Creation


  • Cristian Sofrone started the conversation

    Hello. I have an issue and the documentation doesn't really clarify things for me. I want to enable user registration in order to let customers use the customer panel. I've had some issues and i can t seem to find an answer. Could you walk me through the process please?
    Thank you!

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    Stefan replied

    Hello Cristian,

    Thanks for reaching to us. Let me explain a bit more. A customer panel is made as a "place" from where your customers can manage their appointments. This is useful when a customer has a package for example, since he can book appointments from here. To configure it, it's a simple process, you would need to create a new page with the customer panel (use this shortcode - [ameliacustomerpanel appointments=1 events=1] and then the URL of the page in User Role settings / Customers. 

    Don't forget to add the placeholder in the Notifications template. If you open the notifications and scroll down to the bottom, you will find a customer panel template. Here you want to add the placeholder %customer_panel_url% and this placeholder will read the information from User Role (recognize the page with the customer panel)

    Each time a new customer books an appointment he will either get the customer panel access link or credentials (depending on the configuration)

    All of these are better explained on this link, but i hope it helps.

    Kind Regards, 

    Stefan Petrov
    [email protected]

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