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You are using a form that will be outdated soon!


  • Igor started the conversation

    Hi Amelia team. I am very concerned to see the following red alert message in the "Amelia - Events" block: "You are using a form that will be outdated soon!" Are you planning to remove this option in your future updates? I understand you have released a new "Amelia - Events List" block, but it doesn't fit my use case. I like the legacy option as it provides a booking process flow within the same window, so I can integrate it on another website as an iframe. The new option adds additional pop-ups during the booking process, which makes this experience very user-unfriendly inside the iframe. It would not be an issue if you provided a JS widget to integrate your plugin on a different website, but as of now, the iframe is the only option. 

    I am using Simply Static to convert my WordPress website into a static website for security and performance reasons. The dynamic part (WordPress with Amelia and other plugins) is hosted on a subdomain. I integrate the dynamic content with the static pages using iframes and webhooks. It works perfectly well when the content is rendered within the same window. The issue arises when there are inbuilt popups like in your new "Amelia - Events List" block. Could you please clarify your plans regarding the "outdated" block and whether you are going to introduce a JS option to integrate your new block on an external website?

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    Uroš replied

    Hello Igor,

    Thank you for reaching out with your concerns regarding the "Amelia - Events" block and the red alert message indicating its imminent obsolescence. We understand your apprehension and want to assure you that while the current booking forms will continue to be functional, they may not receive new feature updates in the future.

    Your preference for the legacy option is duly noted, especially for its seamless booking process flow and ease of integration as an iframe on other websites. We recognize the importance of maintaining a user-friendly experience, particularly within iframes, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the introduction of pop-ups in the new "Amelia - Events List" block.

    Regarding your workflow with Simply Static and the integration of dynamic content using iframes and webhooks, we appreciate your efforts to enhance security and performance. We understand the challenges posed by inbuilt pop-ups within iframes and are exploring solutions to ensure compatibility with your setup.

    While we do not have immediate plans to remove the outdated block, it's essential to note that our focus will primarily be on advancing features and capabilities within newer blocks. However, we hear your feedback loud and clear regarding the need for a JavaScript option to integrate the new block seamlessly into external websites. While we cannot provide a definitive timeline at this moment, we are actively considering options to address this concern.

    In the meantime, please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions. We value your input as we strive to improve our platform and provide the best possible experience for all our users.

    Kind Regards, 

    Uros Jovanovic
    [email protected]

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