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Woocommerce Product Table


  • Jeremy started the conversation

    How do we go about creating a WooCommerce Product Table as indicated in: https://wpdatatables.com/documentation/table-examples/products-table/ ?

    Especially the seemingly dynamic "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button and product quantity selector for each row in the product table that hooks into woocommerce cart/checkout?

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    Miloš replied

    Hi, Jeremy 

    Thanks for reaching out to us



    This table is made as a simple MySQL Products table example, but it is not connected to any WooCommerce data,

    and the "Buy Now" button is a redirection link to the pricing/sales page for our plugin.


    I am not sure about a quantity selector, could you elaborate on that, did you see something like that on this example table?  We don't have any built-in option to achieve that with our plugin at this time.


    And we also don't have any "Add to Cart" feature yet.


    At this time, we don't have a built-in feature to achieve picking quantity and adding it to Cart, but you can suggest it for our developers - they will do their best to make a solution in the future.

    Please feel free to search on our suggestions page

     to see if someone may be already suggested this feature. If you can't see it, feel free to add your suggestion there,  and as more people vote, the feature will move higher on the priority list.

    You can certainly follow our changeLog page if you'd like ( it is also available in the plugin dashboard), where we state any changes/new features/bug fixes during updates;

    and our newsletter, so you're informed about new features, bug fixes, freebies, etc.


    If you need a solution for it now, maybe it can be done with a high level of custom work, but I am not sure, to be honest. Our developers are very busy at the moment, working on some priority tasks and fixing bugs and issues with our plugins, so they won't be having the time for custom work in the near future.

    We can recommend reaching out to someone who does custom solutions, such as WP Kraken, but we can't advise on their pricing.


    I will elaborate more about pulling data from WooCommerce database data to our SQL tables.

    - We don't have a native integration with WooCommerce yet, so pulling any data from its database can only be done with some custom MySQL query.

     If you're able to pull the data you need using this, I believe you'll be able to create a report you need. 

    Please note, though, that this falls under custom work as support doesn't include writing custom MySQL queries. 

    We also have a MySQL Query Constructor, which can help with this.

    - Please note that MySQL query constructor is not an ‘ultimate generator’, it should be treated as helper for constructing a suggestion of a query, by trying to ‘guess’ what you want. 

    We are constantly working to improve it, but SQL is such a complicated and flexible language that fully automating the process for constructing queries is hardly possible. 

    Consequently, the more complicated your request is, the higher is the probability that it will not return exactly what you need. Play around with the resulting query to achieve better results.


    Our developers will work on native integration with WooCommerce, but we can't say an exact ETA when it will be finished.

    Let me know if you have any questions.smile.png Thank you

    Kind Regards, 

    Miloš Jovanović
    [email protected]

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