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Showing private capacity for a particular customer


  • Nick started the conversation

    We have three customers who have private capacity that does not overlap other capacity in our system. E.g, we reserve Employee 1 to work for Customer A on Mondays. We would like to have a booking capability so that Customer A can see their private capacity and book it, separate from the public capacity. 

    We imagined one solution here is to have multiple Amelia installs. Can a site host multiple Amelia installs? Or would separate WordPress sites be needed? Or do you have other solutions you can imagine?

    Separate sites seems feasible to us, and would allow us to co-brand the sites, but may not be the best solution. Thanks!

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    Marko replied

    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your interest in our product.

    With the Amelia Pro license you can have Amelia on 3 domains. What you need is not possible with Amelia alone. But there may be a workaround you're interested in.

    Any membership plugin (like MemberPress, or Ultimate Member, etc.) allows you to create pages that are inaccessible to some (for example non-logged-in users). You can also create custom logic, so a user can access this page once a month (for example), but we're not sure about that, since we don't work with Membership plugins. 

    We wish you all the best.

    Have a nice day. 

    Kind Regards, 

    [email protected]

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