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Email reminder and cron


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    hello I think I have well configured cron and reminder but I tested I don't receive emails. see attached

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    Uroš replied

    Hello Amir,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    WP Crontrol plugin is the best option to create cron jobs. You can find more info about it, and detailed instructions on how to set it up in our FAQ section.

    So, if you already read that, and still need some clarification here's some further info.

    You copy only the URL from below a scheduled notification:


    Then, go to Tools/Cron Events, and click on the "Cron Schedules" tab. In it, add a 15-minute interval:


    Then go back to the "Cron Events" tab and click on "Add new":


    Below it, select the "PHP Cron event" radio button, and add the URL you copied from Amelia/Notifications in this form:


    Below it add the name and set it to run a few minutes in the future, using the provided time format. So, if you're adding the cron event at 12:45 (local, current time), set it to run at 12:50; and then select the schedule you previously selected:


    Click on Add Event, and that's it.

    The cron runs every 15 minutes and checks if there's an email to be sent. So, in Amelia Notifications, your scheduled notifications are set to run every day at a certain time. If you set that time to be 15:00 (for example), the emails will be sent when the cron runs after that time.

    For example, there's an appointment booked for tomorrow, and it's currently 14:44 - the cron runs, but since it's not yet 15:00, it doesn't send anything. It runs again after 15 minutes, so at 14:59, but there are still no emails flagged by Amelia, so it doesn't send anything. Then it runs again at 15:14 and it sees there's an email that should've been sent at 15:00, so it sends the email. It will only send emails when Amelia sees an appointment scheduled for the next day.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind Regards, 

    Uroš Jovanović
    [email protected]

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