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Booking - postal code - multiple slots per employee


  • Aline started the conversation

    I'm not sure if Amelia is the right plugin. This is what I would like to do. What is possible and what is not (or only with other plugins)? Thank you for the information.

    - people select their postal code
    - based on postal code the system chooses one or more employees
    - each employee can do 2-3 appointments per day. The customer doesn't choose a time slot, only a day. So the admin can put them into logical order (mobility-wise) and inform the customer about the time they will go to their house. (it is for a service at customers' home)
    -> so for each employee we have to be able to add:
            - service region (postal codes)
            - maximum number of possible appointments per day

    Would this be possible? Or is Amelia only for really time-specific meetings?

    If postal code is not possible, I could do it with regions as well?

    thank you so much for the information