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    Hi there,

    I appreciate that it's a holiday so don't expect an immediate response.  

    I have a service with 3 different, single word tags, one of which is gazpacho. When I use the shortcode [ameliaevents tag=gazpacho] it shows the list of events with the tag gazpacho with no problem.

    I have also created another event, again with 3 different tags. One of these tags is made up of 3 words eg "Paella de mariscos".  I am trying to show the event on my product page using the shortcode [ameliaevents tag=Paella de mariscos] however the list of events shows "There are no results".  

    Is there a reason for this or a way round it? 

    Many thanks in advance for your support.

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    Liza replied

    Good day!

    Thank you for understandingsmile.png

    I just tested this tag and it worked on my site. 

    I've noticed that the shortcode you provided is missing the ' - the single quote mark. So, basically, the shortcode should look like this: [ameliaevents tag='Paella de mariscos'].

    Also, please make sure that there's no misspelling. 

    Best Regards. 

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    Liza replied


    That's really interesting.

    Because I re-created your settings according to the video and it still worked (with an apostrophe aka single quote sign), so that means that at least the new version 3.2 doesn't have a bug, and it can work the way you require.

    There should be apostrophes in the tags, it might work without them with one-word tags, but not with tags that have multiple words in them.

    I will consult with our developers regarding your case since as I can see you have a quite complicated configuration through Woo Products, and I'm not sure if it might cause a conflict. 

    Could you please provide us with temporary WP Admin access? We don't interfere with any data except for the plugin and, of course, we don't provide login details to a third party.

    I will get back to you after the weekend. 

    Best Regards.