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sms notification not working


  • Marios Anthis started the conversation

    I am soooooooo tired. Sms is not working. AGAIN. We, who purchase this plugin, we have other more important things to do than constantly trying to debug this problematic plugin. I will definitely move to another booking plugin. It's exhausting.

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    Liza replied

    Hi, Marios!

    Sorry to hear that.

    Could you please clarify if you made any changes recently? I saw you had opened a ticket regarding site migration, so did you do it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. 

  • Marios Anthis replied

    Hi, no, nothing is changed yet.. 

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    Liza replied

    Hi, Marios!

    Sorry for the delayed response, it was a National holiday in our country.

    I logged in to your site with the credentials you provided us earlier and I see in the SMS History there are messages that were delivered yesterday.

    Then my question is: what exactly doesn't work?

    Best Regards.