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Multiple locations and time slots


  • Radim Salsabrosa started the conversation


    I have 3 questions before I purchase Amelia:

    1. Repeating Events duration, is it possible to have time slots for example start at 8:20 and finish 9:35? Our classes duration is 75 minutes.
    2. Our Dance Studio has 4 locations. I need to be able to filter bookings on front end. Workflow: Select Location --> Choose Service --> Choose Event
    3. We offer custom pricing, each customer get's different price. Is it possible to hide Price info completely?
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    Bogdan replied

    Hi Radim,
    Thank you for your inquire.


    Yes, you can setup the duration for the service to be 1h and 15 minutes, and the timeslots can be configured to be displayed as a duration of the service.


    You can take a look at the design of the booking forms on our demo sites. https://wpamelia.com/demos/

    Unfortunately there is no option to set the position of the section which will be chosen first.

    For example one form will be to choose the service first then employee and then location below each other.

    But customers can first choose location, and then they can choose service or employee.


    If the payment is on site, then you can use CSS to hide the price information for the service.

    Best regards.

    Kind Regards, 



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