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Setting for max number of persons one user can book per event


  • Andreas Climent started the conversation


    For the events feature, we need the ability in the settings to set the maximum number of persons one user can include in their event booking. 

    This is not the same as the event's maximum allowed spots. 

    We run a tour company and have events with a maximum of 30 allowed spots, but it's a problem for us if one user books all of these spots. So we need the possibility to limit the number of persons one user can book. For example, one user should only be able to book a maximum of 8 persons out of the 30 person total maximum.

    We would greatly appreciate a backend setting where we can decide the max number of persons that one user can book :) Thanks!

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    Marija replied

    Hello Andreas, 

    Unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin's built-in features for now. We haven't had this kind of requirement so far. But if this appears more often in customers' requests/suggestions, we will definitely consider it and see whether it is something which is possible to implement. 

    If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to open a new ticket and we will gladly help,

    Best regards, 

    Marija Ristanovic