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Calendar Integration


  • David Taberner started the conversation

    I work for a youth charity, where my need for a booking system is both for local schools to schedule our workers and volunteers to come and offer certain presentations/lessons. I also want to use the plugin for our staff to schedule meetings with external partners. Having tested out Amelia, all of this seems very doable, apart from one small thing...

    Most people juggle different commitments in life and have several different calendars running alongside each other on their google accounts (work, family, social, side-business, etc), which is particularly important when these calendars are shared with different people... you get the picture!

    As we don't work particular shifts as such, the need for the booking system to understand and display our availability for the services we provide goes beyond just one google calendar per employee. Is it likely for the feature "Remove calendar busy slots" to ever be extended to incorporate busy slots from multiple calendars on an employee's google account?

    (I have previously used Doodle's "MeetMe" feature for personal appointments and meetings, which has the feature of combining busy slots availability across multiple calendars on the same google account down to a tee - if that's any help as an example?)

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    Bogdan replied

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Unfortunately at the moment something like this is not possible to achieve but I will forward your suggestion to my team and hopefully we can implement this for some future versions.

    You can also vote for that feature and get the picture of the most requested features on this link 


    Best regards.

    Check out our documentation for Amelia - WordPress booking plugin on this link.

    Check out our documentation for wpDataTables - WordPress table plugin on this link.

    Kind Regards,

    Bogdan Radusinovic