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  • Ken Pichal started the conversation


    We want to use this plugin to let music bands book a rehearsal room. If they book a room, it's with a time slot of 4 hours. Is it possible to use different prices for different time slots? ex. If they book a room from 10 till 13 they pay 20 euro's, if they book a room from 18 till 22 they pay 30 euro. 

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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Ken.

    Thank you for your purchase.

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately something like this is not possible with the plugin's built-in features.

    What you can do is create a couple of services with different prices - for example "Room 1 - Before 18 " and "Room 1 - After 18", so they'd have an option to choose the service, and then the time.

    Best regards.

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    Aleksandar Vukovic