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Duplicate appointment


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    Gregory started the conversation


    I noticed that when a customer has canceled their appointment, if another customer reserves on the same slot then the plugin only shows one appointment with two customers in: one canceled and the other approved .

    So in the Google calendar, the appointment information contains both customers with a rate that combines the two customers.
    In the rendezvous section of the plugin, for these appointments it is indicated: multiple mails.
    However the service is configured for a capacity on minimum 1 and maximum 1.

    This seems to happen only when the first customer has canceled his appointment himself via the cancellation link (% appointment_cancel_url%)
    Only solution that I found, when it happens, I connect to the administration, I edit the appointment and I delete the customer who canceled.

    It's really boring because it pollutes the information on an appointment.



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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Gregory

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately at the moment that's the only way of resolving this issue.

    We are, however, aware of this issue, and our development team is working on fixing it for one of our future releases. It will not be implemented in the next update, but I do hope it will be in the next.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards, 
    Aleksandar Vukovic