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Appointment cancellation affects other appointments


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    Pepo48 started the conversation


    recently I've encountered an unexpected behaviour related to appointment cancellation. It seems that when user uses appointment cancellation url (%appointment_cancel_url% placeholder in email notification), other appointments are affected in some way too. For example the time of another appointment was changed or even slots that had been already taken were suddenly available via frontend, which could lead (and actually led) to collisions.

    I haven' t found a solution or even exact source of such behaviour. It seems that there is some sort of workaround though - when a fake appointment is created right afterwards, the booking system somehow recovers itself (at least already taken slots are not visible).

    Thanks guys for all your hard work!

    Kind regards,


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    Bogdan replied

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Can you please tell me which version of our plugin do you use?

    As I understand when user clicks on the cancel URL link in his/her email other time slots for other services are not displayed properly?

    Correct me if  I did not understand you correctly.

    Best regards.

    Check out our documentation for Amelia - WordPress booking plugin on this link.

    Check out our documentation for wpDataTables - WordPress table plugin on this link.

    Kind Regards,

    Bogdan Radusinovic

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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Pepo48.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    If I understood you correctly, the timeslots shown in amelia_frontend.jpg shouldn't even exist, right?

    My understanding is that you have A - 13:30 which would last for 1:20, and then another one B - at 14:50, which also lasts 1:20. The same goes for C - should start at 16:10, right? So, when someone cancels B - the other timeslots appear?

    Is there a possibility you could provide me a temporary WP-admin login for your site where this happens, so we could log in and take a look ‘from the inside’ as that’s the most efficient way to see and resolve the issue? We do not interfere with any data or anything else except for the plugin (in case that’s a production version of the site), and of course we do not provide login data to third party. You can write credentials here just check Private Reply so nobody can see them except us.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards, 
    Aleksandar Vukovic