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Booking Plugin Saying I Don't Have Category/Service/Employee Setup


  • Brian started the conversation

    After uploading Plugin and Activating:

    1. Added 3 categories, 1 employee, and 1 service to test Amelia Booking.

    2. Created new page /ambooking and selected Gutenberg Amelia Booking block.

    3. "Notice: Please create category, service and employee first." is the only thing that comes up on backend and frontend. 

    Pretty frustrated that straight out of box I can't even get through the Quickstart of this plugin, please let me know if I did something wrong.


    WordPress: v5.2.2

    Theme: Shopage (child of Shopical) v1.0.0

    Amelia: v2.0.1

    PHP: v7.3


    Brian K

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  • Brian replied

    Okay it randomly started working after some time so maybe there's just a delay with the plugin, I don't know. I didn't change anything that I know of. I also don't know how to take down this ticket.


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    Bogdan replied

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Can you please confirm me that now everything is working fine?

    Maybe there was some cache issue.

    Best regards.

    Check out our documentation for Amelia - WordPress booking plugin on this link.

    Check out our documentation for wpDataTables - WordPress table plugin on this link.

    Kind Regards,

    Bogdan Radusinovic

  • Michael replied

    I experience the same issue, also after clearing the cache. Any idea how to solve it?