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Number Range Filter for Google Spreadsheets not working with decimals


  • nonpro started the conversation

    Hi there!

    I tried using the "number range" filter with a Google Spreadsheet source and the filter works for integers but not for floats with decimals ("2,7" or "2.7").

    Instead it simply ignores the "." or "," and so it works like entering "27".

    Could you please let me know why this happens and how to solve this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Philip.

    Thank You for Your purchase.

    Sorry for late response. 

    Our company is located in Serbia and our working time is from 10:00 to 17:00 CET. business days.

    Please provide me a temporary WP-admin login for your site where this happens, so we could log in and take a look ‘from the inside’ as that’s the most efficient way to see and resolve the issue. We do not interfere with any data or anything else except for the plugin (in case that’s a production version of the site), and of course we do not provide login data to third party. You can write credentials here just check Private Reply so nobody can see them except us.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards, 
    Aleksandar Vukovic