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  • jpaquete started the conversation

    Hello I have added this code at Theme functions.php and ir is working fine:


    function wpdt_my_hook($val, $table_id){
    if($val == ''){
    return 'xxx';
    return $val;

    I need to access and check other column values by row number and column name inside this context. I could not find how to do it. Can you help ? Thx

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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello jpaquete.

    I am sorry to disappoint You, but please note that using hooks requires certain level of programming skills and included support refers only to advice.

    You can take a look at available hooks in our documentation. You can read more about using WordPress actions and assigning your functions to actions in WordPress Codex.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards, 
    Aleksandar Vukovic