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Pre purchase - services related


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    I need following service for my site. I need to know, Is it possible with your plugin?


    The site https://vrksilks.co.in is online selling site powered by Woocommerce.  The client want to extend after selling services of Sarees (PRODUCTS).


    • If the customer want any services related to the purchased product, they should come to the website and register their service/s with time slot, date and location (branch) to shop ( There are multiple branches of shops available). They should give order Id (if purchased from online) or customer bill number (if they purchased one of our branches).
    • Once the appointment confirmed, then they can submit the product to nearest shop or branch.
    • Once the service is over, we should inform them. They will collect their product.
    • In between the time, Admin should have the ability to maintain the appoint back end systems like, confirm, reject, cancel...etc.

    If this is achievable, please reply me. Or If you have any suggestions with your plugin or related, Please update that one also.

    I'm willing to purchase the plugin. I hope your plugin will solve my requirements.



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    Hi Jamal,

    Thank you for your interest in our plugin.

    1) I am not sure if I understood you correctly, but the client cannot create service. Our plugin functions in that way that you create services, employees and locations and connect them so the plugin can work properly. After you configure settings for each service (duration, price, extras etc.) and set the working hours for each employee you have three options to show the booking form on the site and your customers can choose the service, employee and location (branch) and then choose one of the available dates and times for that service at specific location. As for the entering order Id or bill number you can add a custom field to the booking form, so once the customer chooses date and time he will proceed to the step where he needs to enter his personal data and there he will see this field to add order Id or bill number, so this is possible.

    2) The appointments can have Pending status set by default and once you or your employees receive the notice about the appointment you can manually change the status to Approved (I suppose that this part of the summiting the product to nearest shop is outside the Amelia plugin and it is done by your employees).

    3) Once the service is over you can set Appointment follow up notification to be sent, but you should know that if you set that service duration is 1 hour, and you set this notification to be sent 1 hour after, it will be sent automatically 2 hours after the beginning of the appointment. The latest time when this notification can be sent is 24 hours after the appointment. You should know that we support sending of emails and SMS notifications.

    4) Admin has these options in the back-end, as well as the manager if you create this user, and you can also give these permissions to your employees if you want (by default they don't have these permissions).

    You can take a look at our three options for showing the booking form: Step-by-step Booking wizard, Search form and Catalog form. You can also test our plugin on our demo site here.

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    Hi Jamal,

    We have free Lite version of the plugin, you can download it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ameliabooking/. It has limited features but you can try the most important ones. Also you can test everything on our demo site here: https://sports.wpamelia.com/.