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Feature Request - Site Contact not working


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    You guys planning on getting on this list? Anything I can do to put a rush on it? 

    I really love this software, even left a comment on facebook for another curious customer, I spent a lot of time looking through programs to get exactly the right one, and I chose you. I am just in a really akward position now because I was unaware of google bookings at the time and had I known, unfortunately, I probably would have went with one of the listed google partners. My only reason for being so outright about this is because my analysis of google traffic has an astounding 85% of my website traffic is from searches for my services, not my actual shop. So, that means they are searching "barbershops near me"or similar, and having the booking button available in that search for both web and google maps app, would be an extremely valuable asset. I would like to add to that figure that my barbers are already well known for the area, and I have spent a considerable amount on advertising with great results. Still, the bulk of my traffic is from service search and not business. 

    Please let me know if this is in the works already(I am praying) or at least on the agenda. If it is not, please let me know if you can put it to the top of your list and put a rush on it. You guys are an amazing value, and I dare say can compensate yourselves with either a bump in price or a monthly fee for the google bookings addon. I only say that because from the partner link above and my recent dealing with google developer, the impression I have is that costs will be incurred by more than just your hours of coding, so seeking additional compensation or a recurring compensation is more than reasonable. 

    Well I have held you for long enough, please let me know what you can find out about the situation and let me know as soon as possible. I have amazing momentum at this time and would like to keep it, and getting that google bookings button one way or another is the one of the ways I see it continuing. Hopefully i receive a hopeful reply :) 

    Either way, you guys have outdone yourselves on the value of this program, and I would recommend it to anyone of your targeted demographics anyday. 


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    Isidora replied

    Hi Christopher,Thank you for your purchase.

    Unfortunately that is not possible with built in features of plugin.

    Thank you for your suggestion. We constantly strive to make our product better, and deliver the most value for our end users - so please share your feedback on what features you need on this link.

    Best regards.

    Kind Regards, 

    Isidora Markovic

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