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How to adjust Workflow of Amelia


  • sfxdotcom started the conversation


    I've been in the process of configuring your plugin, Amelia, and had a few questions on how I could adjust the workflow.  

    Right now, a user can scroll to the reservation, choose any date, then select a Service (we call Reservation), then select the number of people coming with them.

    What I'd like to know, is if it's possible to change the workflow so that:

    1. The choose a location first
    2. Then they select their reservation length (1 hour, 2 hours)
    3. Then they see the dates/times and make a selection

    I saw something like this in your demo but can't seem to find the configuration settings.

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    Milan replied

    Hi sfxdotcom,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Unfortunately at the moment there’s no built-in solution. However, it appears in requests from time to time, so we will add to our idea list and look into some possible solutions on plugin side in the future.

    We are not sure in which video you see something like this.

    Best regards.

  • sfxdotcom replied

    On your demo page: https://wpamelia.com/step-by-step-wizard/

    It shows that the users can select a location and that the calendar does not display until the selections are all made.

    How do I do this?  Right now, my calendar displays from the very start.

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    Milan replied

    Hi sfxdotcom,

    Yes like is shown in demo you can choose in booking form first Service then Location and after that Employee and other staff like Extras or Bringing anyone with you(depends on of your configuration) but it is not possible to choose first location and then service like you requested in first post. You need first to choose the Service.

    If you have only one service, and more employees which is connected on different locations, then in booking form you will have first locations and then employees. (drop down for service will not be shown because you have only one service)

    Best regards.