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Importing Multiple Excel Sheets from 1 XLS


  • Danilo started the conversation


    How it is possible to import 1 Excel file with multiple sheets (tabs) ? For example I want to create one table for each sheet (tab) from excel file?

    Is that even possible?


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    Aleksandar replied

    Hello Danilo.

    Thank You for Your inquiry.

    Importing multiple sheets from Excel files is not possible through the plugin's built-in features at this time.

    There is a way, however, to upload those files to Google Spreadsheets and then You'd be able to create a table for each sheet, because Google Sheets have a separate URL for every sheet.

    You can read about creating tables from Google Spreadsheets on this link.

    Please let me know if this answer helps.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards, 
    Aleksandar Vukovic