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  • Claudius_M started the conversation


    I'm happy with installing and using wpdatatables. The possibilities to tweak appearance are well sufficient with one exception: To add a new data set to an existing table (front-end editing data table) 'New' triggers the editor popup. The font and colors of this popup editor is not assessible. The font is tiny small and users complain to miss to see or mis-recognize details like dot or colon, which are critical to insert it correctly in some cases (for exp. a '.' instead of a ':' is not accepted for an input of a time tag like 09:15).
    Any easy way to at least enlarge the font in the data input popup? 

    Thanks for any hints!



    (PS Integration of Formidable Forms is nor option in my setting)

    Example for the tiny font specifically within the input fields

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    Bogdan replied

    Hi Claudius,

    Can you please send me the link of some table so I can take a look and give you my suggestion.

    Something like this can possible be achieved with some CSS.

    Best regards.

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    Kind Regards,
    Bogdan Radusinovic