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Move to new site (WP Bakery License)


  • id_isidsea started the conversation

    Hello, currently my support already expired.

    I am trying to move my website to another server, new host, new domain. How should I do with the license? Is it my license still working on both (old & new site) or it could be failure (one site only)? Is there any procedure about this? Please tell me.

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    Milos replied

    Hi id_isidsea,

    wpDataTables plugin will work, but if you want to keep on both sites that you have to purchase another licence by Envato policy.

    As we are using Envato as the marketplace for selling the product, their licensing policies apply: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular

    Their policy in general is: one license is per one domain or project.

    If your multiple sites are sub-sites of the same domain, and apply to the same project, you can use one license.

    If these are installed on different domains, and are different projects, you would need a separate license per each.

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    Kind Regards,
    Milos Timotic