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    Hello, I have a data table of about 500,000 rows with many filters to help narrow down specific data.  How may I...

    EXPORT ALL DATA resulting from my filters without having to SHOW all ENTRIES or only export the current view?

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    Milan replied

    Hi hoodler,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Table Tools consists of a block of buttons that provides additional features for the tables: export to PDF, export to CSV, export to Excel, print view, toggle for column visibility for front-end users, etc. These functionalities are based on a 3rd party HTML5 library. There are some limitations in this library that you can check in our documentation on this link.

    You can take a look about our add on Report builder on this link. This add on have functionality Follow table filtering –  If this is checked, the report will always contain only the rows that are currently visible in the wpDataTable when it’s placed on the same page, in the same order. So if a table is sorted, filtered, etc., the rows will be used in the report same as they appear on the page. If this checkbox is unchecked, or if the wpDataTable isn’t present on the same page with Report controls, whole table will be used in report every time. Important notice: if the table has more rows that are currently visible, the invisible ones won’t be used in the report if the follow table filtering – to use them you would need to select “All” in wpDataTables “Show … rows” dropdown on the front-end.

    Check out our documentation for Amelia - WordPress booking plugin on this link.

    Check out our documentation for wpDataTables - WordPress table plugin on this link.

    Kind Regards,
    MIlan Jovanovic