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Where is my zip file?


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    evagutierrez82 started the conversation

    Hi! I'm looking for the zip file that came with my download...I don't have a any documents with the name: codecanyon-3958969-wpdatatables-tables-and-charts-manager-for-wordpress. I have the WPDataTable folder with the 8 folders and 2 documents. Trying to find what I upload into the Wordpress plugin installer.

    Thank you!

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    Milan replied

    Hi evagutierrez82,

    Common directory where all files that you download form internet is stored in Downloads folder. If you change location for downloading file you have to check in your settings where is that. 

    My suggestion is to update the plugin manually by following this steps:

    1.) Download zip from this link

    2.) Use FTP to open /yourwordpressfolder/wp-content/plugins

    3.) Delete existing wpdatatables folder.

    4.) Upload previously downloaded wpdatatables folder through FTP to plugins folder (unzip it)

    5.)  Go to WP-admin panel, open Plugins section.

    6.) Deactivate wpDataTables, and then activate it again.

    7.) Clear server and browser cache

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete the old version from WP-admin (by clicking “Delete” in the plugins page) if you don’t want to lose all your tables!

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    evagutierrez82 replied

    Hi Milan!

    Thanks for your answer, unfortunately I still need help. I have the contents of the WPDATATABLE download, but I’m not sure where my zip file is. When I search for the zip file as the name I posted below, it doesn’t show up. It doesn’t seem like there’s any zip files within the folders and the install upload link doesn’t accept any of these download files I try to upload.

    Let me know if you need me to answer anymore questions questions so we can resolve the issue. 


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    Milan replied

    Hi evagutierrez82,

    Sorry for late response. 

    We are located in Serbia and our working time is from 10:00 to 17:00 CET. business days.

    We are not sure how your local system is setup, but by default when you download some file from web it is stored on downloads folder. If you change that then you have to check in your settings where download files are stored. 

    We are exclusive sellers on Envato and if you have issues with downloading files form that market please contact their support to resolve this issue.