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Pre-purchase question


  • Hannes started the conversation


    my company is very interested in your Wordpress Plugin. But we have some further questions before we buy a lifetime license for 45$.

    Is your license valid for a WordPress Multisite?

    Sincerely yours 

    Hannes Felix Hein

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    Miljko replied

    Hi Hannes,
    Thank you for your inquire.

    As we are using Envato as the marketplace for selling the product, their licensing policies apply: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular

    Their policy in general is: one license is per one domain or project.

    If your multiple sites are sub-sites of the same domain, and apply to the same project, you can use one license.

    If these are installed on different domains, and are different projects, you would need a separate license per each.

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    Hope this helps, 

    Miljko Milosevic