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Filtering by URL


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    David_Gascon started the conversation

    Hello! I need help here.


    I’m using Formidable Form to generate form and database, and WP datatable to generate a table out of it.


    So far so good.


    What I need to do, Is «PRE Filtered» one specific column using a specific link, as example www.mysite/table/?wdt_column_filter[1]=myrequest.


    My visitor need to see ONLY this URL that I send them. I’m looking for a way to prevent them to write themselves a new «request» at the end of www.mysite/table/?wdt_column_filter[1]=...


    Is there a way to «lock» of create a 404 error if per example they change any of this part : ?wdt_column_filter[1]=


    I’m puzzled here and may need someone with experience to help me.


    So in clear :), I want to generate 1 form…1 table… but show specific user only what I want them to see. I could do it by creating multiple Table…then filter each of them…but that mean each new user will have his new web page..with the new table..and if I want charts…creating other charts with the new table…seems too much. I guess I’m looking for a shortcut.


    Can you help me!


    David Gascon


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    Milan replied

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    That is not possible with built in features of plugin. They can changed that filter in url and filter other column with other content. 

    You can export that table in excel or csv and then make editable table from those files with third option in table wizard and then you will have option User can see and edit own data on Editing tab in table settings. Then you can make one chart from that table and use option Follow table filtering. When you insert table and chart on page users will see only own data.

    Best regards.

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    David_Gascon replied

    Awesome thanks. 

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    Milan replied

    Hi David,

    You are welcome.  

    If you have any more issues or questions feel free to open a new ticket, we will gladly help.

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