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Filter Column in Chart?


  • Mike started the conversation


    I am working on the time series data and having at least 3 columns of data. 

    For example,

    Col[0]     Col[1]    Col[2]

    Year     GDP       Unemployment Rate

    1          5                    0.5

    2          6                    0.3

    3          7                    0.2

    Given Year is on X-axis while GDP and Unemployment Rate are on Y-Axis 

    My question is when creating a chart, how to make one that show Year vs GDP series, Year vs Unemployment Rate series, and Year vs GDP and Unemployment rate series in just ONE chart?

    Please advice. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards, 


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    Isidora replied

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your purchase.

    Unfortunately something like that is not possible, but you can add one more column with values 1,2,3,4... and choose Basic column chart from HighCharts an you will get comparison of Year vs GDP and Unemployment rate for every value of new column.

    Best regards

    Kind Regards, 

    Isidora Markovic

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