Upgrading Licenses

Updated: July 14th, 2023.

Licenses can be upgraded to higher tiers through our store, by clicking on the "Upgrade" button:

A new modal opens up where you can choose available upgrade plans:

Please note that the Lifetime purchases can't be upgraded to Subscription plans, so if you have a Pro Lifetime plan, you cannot upgrade to Developer Subscription. Also, depending on the license you currently have, different options will be offered in the modal.

What you should know about the upgrade:

The price that you will pay for the upgrade will be a pro-rated charge, meaning you won't be paying for the price difference between licenses, since we cannot refund the time spent on the license you currently have.


You bought a Basic Yearly license for Amelia, which costs $69 (roughly $0.19 per day). 

After 100 days, you want to upgrade to 3-domain Pro Yearly, which costs $199 (roughly $0.55 per day). 

Time remaining on Basic (what going to reduce the upgrade price): $50.35 (265 * 0.19)

Time spent on Basic: $55 (100 * 0.55)

Time remaining on Pro: $145.75 (265 * 0.55)

So, the price is not Pro - Basic (199-69=130), but instead a pro-rated charge, and you are going to be charged around $147.75 - $50.35 = $97.4.

If you're upgrading from a yearly subscription license to a yearly subscription license, it still renews on the same date (1 year after purchase) and your purchase code remains the same. This is basically why the prices are pro-rated.

Please note: Directly upgrading Lifetime licenses purchased after June 1st, 2021 is currently not possible, but you can, of course, acquire a new license and receive a refund for the previous purchase. You would need to purchase a new Lifetime License and reach out to us through a ticket, posting both purchase codes in a PRIVATE ticket, and our support managers will refund the amount of the originally purchased license retroactively.

Please check your receipt for the old purchase and verify that the card number or the PayPal account you used is still the same.

Please note: The prices are subject to change without prior notice and the prices listed above are to be used solely for the explanation of how upgrades work.