Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction and long-term relationship is our primary goal here at TMS. So, even though we are pretty confident in the quality of Amelia, and are pretty sure you won’t ever need a refund, we have established a straightforward customer-friendly refund policy.

When a refund might be given

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your copy of Amelia, please feel free to open a ticket on this platform, so our support managers can help. They are able to resolve the problems in almost all cases.

However, if you feel that the product just doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund. As Amelia is a digital non-revokable product, we issue refunds only within 15 days after purchase. In case you decide to use this option, please provide us with feedback as it is vital for us to make Amelia better with each release.

When a refund might not be given

We do not issue refunds when 15 days after the purchase have passed. Please note that it is customers responsibility to understand this upon purchasing products from us.

How to submit a refund request

Please log into with the credentials you received in your e-mail when you purchased the plugin, then navigate to Purchases/Product you're requesting the refund for, and if you're still within 15 days from purchase you will see the "Request Refund" button:

If you don't see it, and you're using a screen with width lower than 1600px, you will need to scroll through that screen horizontally to see the button.

After you submit a refund request, you will not receive any confirmation emails, but you will see that the button is grayed out:

That means that the refund request is successfully submitted, and that you will receive your refund in 5 - 7 business days.